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A Dirty Job
Leading Edge Aviation began it roots as an aircraft detailing business at John Wayne Airport back in 1989. Mike Manclark then a budding entrepreneur with a dream to build a successful Aviation Services company is shown here washing a privately owned Turbo Prop.
Mike Manclark
Leading Edge Aviation Services started with five employees in 1989, and expanded almost immediately. "The reason we grew so fast is I am a real stickler for top-quality work." said Manclark. "We stand behind our work, and we do it perfectly."
Contract Painting
Merrion Morris buffs metal after it has been cleaned at Leading Edge Aircraft Painting, Inc. in Greenville, Mississippi.
Fly Ball
An American West Airlines Boeing 757, bearing the freshly painted logos and colors of the expansion Arizona Diamondbacks, is wheeled out at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport before its maiden voyage Friday after being painted by Leading Edge Aviation Services.
Company Jets
In just four days, Leading Edge Aviation crew works 24/7 to complete the project after a Michigan company encountered bad weather and could not complete the project. The plane was to be used in a movie starring Harrison Ford and this was a first for Leading Edge Aviation Services.
Restoring Glory
Leading Edge put the luster back into a DC-3 by restoring a 57-year-old relic the glory days of Americas airline industry. The plane is pictured here at Amarillo International Airport and was built by Douglas Commercial Aircraft. It was commissioned by American Airline in 1955.
Leading Edge brings back hum of landing planes
Leading Edge Aviation Services, located at the Arkansas Aeroplex, has doubled its production since it first began full-time operations in July. The company plans to open another production line and occupy three of the five Aeroplex hangers by Jan. 3, 1999.
NASA "Super Guppy"
The enormous plane landed at Leading Edge Aviation Services in Blytheville to receive a new paint scheme. The plane has a wingspan of 156 feet, 3 inches.
B-58 gets makeover, fresh coat of paint.
A Leading Edge Aviation Services employee prepares to mask the Hustlers colorful insignia. The aircrafts commemorative marker notes that the B-58 was the worlds first supersonic strategic bomber and set numerous records over its 10-year operational history.
In Greenville, Mississippi
Hundreds line up for new jobs, while Greenville Mayor Paul Artman Jr. (Left) hands Leading Edge President Mike Manclark a toy airplane during a press conference held at the Mid-Delta Regional Airport on Thursday.
Victorville Facility Opens
Victorville, CA. facility opens with state-of-the art equipment. It combines a new $20M hangar capable of housing planes as large as a 747-400, as well as a remodeled 757-capable two-bay hangar equipped with fire suppression, environmental and filtered air movement.
Leading Edge Reaches Unprecedented Commercial Services Milestone
600th aircraft painted for Continental Airlines in December. Since first partnering with Continental in 1994, LEAS has emblazoned virtually every kind of aircraft - from Md-80 to 777 with the airline's now famous blue and gold branding.
Special Sports Illustrated Aircraft
Leading Edge teams with Southwest to unveil Sports Illustrated plane emblazoned with supermodel Bar Rafaeli. The Boeing 737-700 will fly between New York and Las Vegas.
The Urge to Merge
Leading Edge transforms the entire Northwest fleet to Delta colors. Utilizing the company's 16 bay capacity for narrow bodies and three wide body hangars, the project operated around the clock to paint over 350 aircraft in just 14 months.
Receives Historic AS9100 Certification
Leading Edge becomes the only aircraft painting company in North America to receive the prestigious AS9100 quality management certification specifically designed for the aerospace industry.
MRO of the Year
In April 2012, Leading Edge was named the Innovative Service Supplier at the MRO of the Year awards held by Aviation Week. Leading Edge was recognized for supporting 671 aircraft in the United-Continental livery transition and its selection by Boeing to paint the 787 Dreamliners manufactured in Charleston.
The New American
Leading Edge paints the first prototype of the new American livery on a B737 in January. Later that year, Leading Edge begins painting B737, B777 and B767 aircraft in the new American livery at its Victorville, California facility.
Acquires Associated Painters
In March of 2013, Leading Edge acquires former competitor, Associated Painters. The newly merged company will integrate the best practices of each to bring to market the highest level of quality, quickest turn-around times and best customer service in the industry.